Advnce Weight, Prestolite

Advance Weight, Centrifugal: All 1947-64 with Prestolite Distributor, two per unit required Plated, with bushing

  • Price: $14.95

Breaker Plate, Pretolite single point

Breaker Plate; Prestolite V8 w/single point

  • Price: $67.50

Bushing Kit, Prestolite

Bushing Kit: All 9159-64 Six Cyl.; 1962-4 V8 w/Prestolite

  • Price: $27.50

Distributor 1951-2 V8

Distributor upper complete with vac. advance 1951-2 V8 NOS

  • Price: $225.00

Gear Dist. Drive

Gear Distributor and Oil Pump Drive: All 1962-4 V8 Prestolite NOS

  • Price: $75.40

Lock Ring, Prestolite

Lock Ring, Cam to Shaft: Prestolite; SPECIFY Wire or Finger type

  • Price: $3.00

Spring Set, Adv. Weight 1961-4 Six cyl.

Spring Set, Advance Weight: 1961-64 Six Cyl. w/Prestolite

  • Price: $8.50

Spring Set, Advance weight Prestolite

Advance Weight Spring Set: Prestolite 1962-4 w/ V8 or R1 engine

  • Price: $12.50

Vacuum Advance V8 R-Series

Vacuum Advance: Pretolite, V8 R-Series 1963-4 NOS

  • Price: $110.00

Vacuum Advance, Prestolite

Vacuum Advance: Prestolite 1962-4 V8, except R-Series NOS

  • Price: $110.00